You are not the body, nor the mind. You have these as your tools to navigate through this reality, but in truth, you are something much more. Learn about the deeper and broader part of who you are and the purpose of your journey here in this life experience. Learn how to connect with your soul and nourish your spirit through conscious and mindful living, presence, and stillness promoting practices. By doing so you will also learn how to live from the heart, and use your thoughts, words, and actions in ways that align with the highest version of who you are.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance your understanding, you can choose from amongst my many resources and support tools (below), and benefit from my 10 years of expertise in the spiritual areas to help you thrive.


Learn how to align your mind, body, and spirit for optimal wellbeing with my online video classes and courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home, anytime:

  1. The MAP Yoga Path to Relieve Stress & Anxiety — 6.5-hour video course

  2. The 8 Limbs of Yoga to Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit — 2-hour video course

  3. The Art of Simplicity: Financial Strategies for Liberated Living — 4-hour video course

  4. A Mindful Approach to Dealing with Stress - 1-hour video class

  5. 4-Step Guide to Effective Stress Transformation — 1-hour video class

  6. Mind Virus: Heal Your Body, Liberate Your Mind — 1-hour video class

Visit the directory page of all of my healthy eating and living classes and courses.

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Thank you so much, Evita, your intricate knowledge was just so empowering! Since “re-tuning” myself into eating in harmony with the earth once again, a noticeable transformation has taken place. Changes which include long-lasting energy levels, intense gratitude & joy, as well as my taste buds changing to actually taste each morsel of food. (Mindful eating as you say!) I also have a renewed passion for exercising and am embracing the limitless health of my body as I go hiking in the mountains with my 2 sons. Truly appreciate what you do so much!

Nicky — South Africa

Thank you Evita for a life-changing experience. Thanks to you I have a heart filled with hope!

Sandra — United States

Thank you for helping me achieve clarity, peace of mind, and most of all helping me close the door to the past and being in the present moment. Your teaching is priceless!

Geraldine — Canada

There are no sufficient words to express my gratitude for giving me hope, and belief in myself.

Marcie — Canada

Thank you! You are a life changer. I’m grateful that you were on my path!

Lynn — South Africa

You have helped me more than I could have imagined!

Arthur — United States

It was wonderful to speak with you - and so insightful! I’m truly grateful, as it was so profound for me. You’re such a catalyst for people, and it’s a blessing to have spoken with you.

Kim — Canada