About the Book

Our present-day society offers more food choices, more medical support, and more nutrition resources than ever before, yet we face more health and weight challenges than ever. The basic act of nourishing ourselves has become a complex task, and we have turned the healing and preventative power of food against ourselves.

Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition takes the reader on a journey to reconnect with the most fundamental healing tool—our food. In a clear and concise manner, you will learn how to eat, what to eat, and why for optimal health, weight, and wellness. You will learn how to navigate the modern food and nutrition landscape and make the best choices for your wellbeing. You will understand why whole plant foods offer unparalleled potential for your health, why isolated nutrients and numbers are not the answer, and how to integrate holistic living practices for the most effective results.

This book will offer you an abundance of practical tips for optimal eating and living and will be an indispensable resource for you to refer to readily. You will walk away empowered and confident about the necessary steps you need to take to improve the quality of your life. Whether you are interested in weight loss, healing, prevention, or health maintenance, you will be equipped with the right guidance for knowing how to make that happen. Begin the transformation to live your best life ever now!

Content Overview


Written by Dr. Elaine R. Ferguson, MD, bestselling author of Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Well-Being.

Part 1 — How To Eat

Learn the foundation needed for optimal nutrition. Includes discussions on:

  • What does “health” and “healthy” really mean
  • Why the “everything in moderation paradigm” does not work for optimal health
  • Why is there so much nutritional confusion and contradiction
  • How to take accountability for your health
  • Why whole-food, plant-based is the vital foundation
  • What is the acid-alkaline balance and its importance
  • How to understand organic and its importance
  • What raw food entails and its importance

Part 2 — What To Eat

In this part learn what specific foods make up an optimally healthy diet. Specific topics include:

  • How to get the most of fruits and vegetables
  • Which vegetable must be the foundation of our diet for optimal health
  • How to understand what whole grain really means
  • Why beans and legumes are so powerful for our health
  • How to approach animal foods for optimal health
  • What drinks are part of optimal health
  • Why all water is not equal
  • Why oils are not healthy foods
  • What makes herbs and spices an essential part of the diet
  • What sweeteners to use for optimal health
  • Practical meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and treats

Part 3 — Beyond Food

In this part learn what other elements must be considered for optimal health. Specific topics include:

  • How to understand the world of supplements and which to use
  • How to understand the world of nutrition numbers and daily recommendations
  • What the numbers on a nutrition facts label really tell us
  • How to approach carbohydrates, fats, and protein in an optimal manner
  • What kitchen appliances will improve optimal meal preparation
  • What holistic lifestyle habits must be applied for optimal wellbeing
  • How societal mind patterns about nutrition can sabotage your wellbeing
  • What role the mind plays in the creation of our health or disease

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Expert Testimonials

Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition shows us how to take charge of our own health outcomes without having to rely on doctors, drugs, surgeries, and wishful thinking. Based on cutting edge science and brimming with common sense, it gently guides us through the minefields of nutritional dogma and tainted research. If you follow Evita’s recommendations, you will grow happier, healthier, and a lot less confused.

Howard Jacobson, PhD, contributing author to WHOLE: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition and host of the Plant Yourself podcast at PlantYourself.com

With the rise of chemical contamination, genetic manipulation, and corporate control of our food supply, nutritional literacy has become an essential survival skill. And there is no better resource to educate oneself than Evita Ochel’s smart, no-nonsense, easy-to-read guide to healthy eating. Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition teaches us about the relationships between diet and disease and how a lifestyle that incorporates natural, whole, unprocessed foods is the best medicine. Highly recommended!

Larry Malerba, DO, DHt, holistic physician and author of Green Medicine, Metaphysics & Medicine, and Dynamic Medicine

Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition is a clarion call to nutritional and health empowerment. Evita is indeed a nutritional troubadour providing a laser-sharp guidance light of substantive evidence-based information, common sense, and ancient truths. This book will inform you, enlighten you, and empower you with the information and inspiration to take charge of your health and wellbeing through a holistic approach to optimal nutrition and living.

Elaine R. Ferguson, MD, physician and author of Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Well-BeingDrElaine.com

Evita does a remarkable job of having a conversation about health, not a dissertation. Evita shows us that healthy eating is not about food groups and daily allowances, it’s about clean eating and re-acknowledging the human relationship we have with food. Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition offers no agenda other than to provide practical nutrition tips and advice, and to remind us that health is our most valuable asset.

Alexander J. Rinehart, MS, DC, CNS , certified nutrition specialist and Chiropractor — DrAlexRinehart.com

It has never been more important to understand the connection between the foods you put into your mouth and your overall health. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and countless other diseases are rampant in our modern world. What do these diseases have in common? They are, in large part, the result of the food choices you make every day. Evita Ochel’s Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition is a book with a powerful nutritional punch. Evita’s advice of low-calorie, high nutrition, plant-based, and low processed food is exactly what you need to get yourself on track to a healthier and more energetic you.

Scott Olson, ND, naturopathic doctor and author of Sugarettes

This is what REAL eating is all about. Finally, a common-sense book to enlighten and inspire everyone towards making better food choices. Seeing beyond all the junk that masquerades as ‘food’ nowadays, you will understand the TRUTH of the cause of disease and then realize the power to ultimately control your health by what goes into your body. And to all the dieters out there…ditch every gimmick you’ve tried and toss the diet books. A must-read for anyone who wants to live the life that they have imagined—full of health and VITALITY.

Colette Szalay, DC, chiropractor and holistic wellness advocate

Reader Reviews

It has been a long journey - 5 years ill, no one talked to me about my diet. About 2 years ago I realized I had to take my health into my own hands. I bought the book Healing and Prevention through Nutrition, and what a blessing and joy it has been. I’m changing my whole environment and way of eating and caring for myself. Amazingly after 5 months of eating a plant-based diet I had my first normal range blood work, and I’m feeling better and better every day. Thank you for your wonderful book, website, and nutritional information.

Sharon, California, US — November 2018

Great book, explains things really well.

Mona S. — April 2018

I’ve read many books on nutrition since I have a podcast. There are only a few I recommend as guides to use when you are starting your journey into finding out about your body and why you might be overweight, or ill. This is one. I definitely recommend this book as a starter guide to give a broader overview of nutrition and overall consciousness because it is very easy to understand and it is very thorough. The author does an excellent job of covering everything you need to know for a healthy body and mind. Excellent book!

Darren McDuffie, blogger and host of Perfectly Healthy & Toned Radio — March 2018

I am so glad I found Evita on YouTube where I learned of this kindle book. I want to eat healthier and now I have the information as to how and what to eat.

Steeler Lover, United States — February 2018

I was given this book as a gift from a friend. It isn’t normally a book that I would read due to being in the holistic medical field for over 20 years. I feel have a pretty solid knowledge about Nutrition and Wellness. That being said, I enjoyed this book and often recommend it to my clients. Evita does a wonderful job of simplifying and educating people about all areas of nutrition and health. She also includes information about the the Mind/Body connection which is often a missing link for many people. This is a well rounded resource of useful information that anyone can use immediately after reading. Thank you Evita for sharing your knowledge and insight.

Michelle B. — May 2017

Exceptional Book! I found this book to be both inspiring and enlightening. Evita is very knowledgeable and clear in her writing and demonstrates her mastery of this subject. I find myself going back to it over and over. I highly recommend this book.

Joseph Dixon — February 2017

Evita Ochel is an inspiring teacher with a holistic approach towards healthy living. This book will help you uncover the unbiased truths about many areas of nutrition and lifestyle. The main focus of this book is on nutrition: the first part is on “How to Eat” and the second part is on “What to Eat”. Here, Evita presents very practical and valuable guidelines that are based on a whole-food, plant-based diet. She shows you how and why this can be an all-encompassing lifestyle approach to help us thrive and lead our healthiest and best life possible. The final section “Beyond Food” effectively summarizes some of Evita’s classes on Learn It Live that I’ve viewed such as the ones on protein, supplements and the sun. More specifically, Evita explains why there is so much misinformation about such topics in our society and how we can tackle this in a discerning manner to best help ourselves. The final 2 chapters have encouraged me to find out more about positive lifestyle choices relating to sleep, exercise, mindfulness and meditation. I highly recommend this book and believe it can serve as an excellent reference and introduction to plant-based eating.

Adam Horwich, Germany — January 2017

Brilliant Book! I’ve read alot of books on nutrition and this one is definitely the best one thus far. This book is well layed out and easy to understand. It is the perfect book for anyone who is interested in gaining optimal health whether they are a beginner or advanced. Evita understands the true meaninig of optimal health and lives and breathes this lifestyle. It’s not just another diet. This is a lifestyle. Get inspired and read this brilliant book! Highly recommend! Thank you Evita!

Koren Sutherland, plant-based coach and entrepreneur — November 2016

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this book. It was wonderful to read through the first time, but it is even more wonderful to return to specific sections as I gradually find time to deepen my knowledge in specific areas of nutrition. I just love having a reliable, foundational source of nutrition with this book, and no other book has been as direct, simple, and to-the-point as Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition. Evita’s book provides such an excellent foundation that I really can’t see how any other nutrition book is necessary.

Mark Monachino, ON, Canada — October 2016

I can’t say enough about Evita or this book. She is very, very idealistic which I love, in that she won’t settle for less than the best for us; but amazingly she is also extremely accepting of everyone’s individual starting points and encourages us all to start wherever we are, not biting off more than we can chew comfortably. I love that about her. She has a very scientific mentality, seeing clearly without any bias, letting us know the pros and cons of a subject so that we may decide best for ourselves how we might incorporate it into our diets. She is not telling us what to do, she is lovingly lifting us up towards health by using the light of reason to educate us so that we can once and for all understand completely and fully what is healthy so we are finally free from books, articles and the confusion of advertisements; now I am free to live! I have read quite a few books on healthy eating, but Evita seems to best understand and explain the foundations of healthy eating. This is the last book on eating I will ever need to read, it makes that much sense. She does not subscribe to single bullet theories, she does not flaunt the latest fads that will be gone in a couple of years after they have been deemed unhealthy for us in the end, and there is nothing that she wants us to buy other than healthy, life sustaining foods. Thank you Evita, for making it very clear and simple how we can eat for optimum health.

Shaun Disch, WA, United States — January 2016

For optimal health read and follow the advice in this book. We have become so confused as a species when it comes to all aspects of our lives. Here is a perfect guide to bring some light to the darkness and confusion. Simple and by its simplicity it is practical and easy to follow. I’ve not seen a better resource on proper nutrition.

Doug Lawson, ON, Canada — November 2015

Solid, reliable information, as opposed to nutritional trends and fads. The author is well-grounded in nutritional science and holistic health care.

John F. Rocheleau, BC, Canada — October 2015

I love Evita Ochel and this book covered all aspects of health and wellness. Much of it I knew, but she presents things in a clear way that makes sense.

Monique — May 2015

Thank you for writing this book. When an author writes a book, it’s amazing how you never know how many lives it will impact for the better. As a direct result of your book my family (husband and three sons) have completely changed our diets as directed by your book. We feel better mentally and physically and we use your book to teach our sons the facts on nutrition. Thank you sincerely for writing this book.

Tesheena Lowry, entrepreneur — January 2015

I very HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. There is no preaching and “have to’s”, it is just teaching at its best level and the science is definitely presented in an appropriate reading-comprehension style. The author wants the reader to know and understand: Food and eating are a whole person responsibility.

Patricia Hamilton, blogger (Read Patricia’s full book review here — December 2014)

I just wanted to say thank you because I never took the time to do so after reading your book. It helped me to understand what healthy eating actually means and how important it really is. There is so much useful, practical information to gain from it, for example: I never would have thought of joining a CSA food share program (actually, I didn’t even know they existed) until you mentioned them in your book. I looked into it and it seemed like a great idea so I signed up! I can now easily enjoy fresh organic and local eggs, veggies, and fruits by picking them up 2 minutes away from my house (how awesome is that?). Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much you inspire me on a daily basis.

Antonia, ON, Canada — September 2014

Healing and Prevention Through Nutrition is one of the best natural nutrition resources I have read. It teaches and reminds you of how to maintain health and prevent disease through food. Not only is it informative, easy to understand, and well laid out, but it is also truly inspirational. Evita makes eating for optimal health achievable for anyone and everyone and that’s what makes this book a must-read!

Allison Jorgens, B.Sc., P.H.Ec., food labels specialist and author of Read It With A Grain of Salt — May 2014

Good information. It’s an easy read and very useful information especially if your goal is to improve your diet by changing your eating habits.

Martin Baumgart — May 2014

Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition changed my life. After 20 years of struggling with what, how & why I eat, along with body image, the advice contained within this book has freed me. Evita Ochel provides a simple roadmap that integrates mind, body and spirit considerations when it comes to holistic nutrition. By following her advice, looking and feeling my very best has never been easier.

Megan Bord, author of The Pocket Guide to Manifesting — December 2013

Every family should own this book. The way we eat has changed so much in recent years, but sadly, for the worse. The author Evita Ochel looks with new, fresh way what healthy really means, helps us to avoid the bad food choices and enlighten us how to really simplify our life when comes to food choices. I really enjoyed this book. As someone who wants to maintain good health and improve the eating habits and get back to basics of simple, nutritional eating, I highly recommend this book. (Dear Evita, I just finished reading your book Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition. What a remarkable book…well written and researched. An inspiration towards making better food choices and a big reminder that health is our most valuable asset. You’ve been my hero when it comes to healthy lifestyle and I really love your book. It really opened my eyes. I just wished I’d started paying attention to food choices a bit earlier in my life…but later is always better than never.)

Metod K., QC, Canada — June 2013

Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition is a must book for everybody. Back in 2005, I was living an unhealthy lifestyle with many ailments. I decided to do something about it and changed my lifestyle around with eating healthy and exercise. Every day I continue to improve my eating habits but with the media, you can be left confused to what is actually healthy. Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition is an outstanding book that cleared up some of the food areas that were still questionable. This well-written book will explain each food group and what is unhealthy, and why we should be eating raw and natural foods for optimal health. I was able to take my eating habits up to the next level to achieve optimal health and give me a better chance of preventing the many ailments and diseases that we face today. I recommend this book for everybody and many thanks to Evita, the author of this great book.

David Bower, entrepreneur and health blogger — January 2012

This book Is awesome! A friend gifted it to me, I feel blessed. In my opinion Evita Ochel did a fantastic job writing a book easy to understand, learn with and follow. I highly recommend this book. I am enjoying learning to eat a more plant based & alkaline diet. I am very happy with the book. Thank you Evita for writing this.

Charlene Fellows, VT, United States — November 2011

Evita’s lifelong commitment and passion for natural health and wellness resonates in her words and every action in her life. Whether you’re reading this book or working with Evita one-on-one, if you follow her suggestions you’ll be guaranteed to see results! In this book, Evita returns the power of personal health back where it belongs—to you! With so much misinformation out there, this material finally offers honest, easy and detailed info to help you understand the right choices to make for any healthy goal—weight loss, healing foods, better energy, longevity. A must-have gift for anyone seriously interested in healing their body and making the right nutritional choices for themselves and their family for life!

Unity J. Schmidt, energy healer, intuitive, and life path guide — February 2011