Our life has the most meaning when we align with the truth of who we are.
Our energy is of most value when we use it to create, rather than destroy.

Evita Ochel

Past Work

Immediately upon graduating from my post-secondary education, I began working as a secondary school science teacher. During the seven wonderful years that I held this position, I had the pleasure of teaching some of the most amazing souls in this world! I was one of the happiest teachers ever, as I absolutely loved the profession and my role in it. Throughout the years, I taught various grade 9 through 12 science courses, with an emphasis on grade 11 biology courses. Aside from regular day school, I also had the pleasure of teaching a few math and science courses in summer school and night school for adults.

With each year, my love for teaching continued to amplify. However, the Universe had a few surprises up its sleeve. Although I thought I would retire from this profession at the typical retirement age, I officially retired from it at the age of 30. It was both intriguing and exhilarating to know that this would be the last time I would be an employee, or revolve my life around a job.

Upon leaving, one of my students gave me a framed picture with the following quote. It meant the world to me then, and it still does to this day.

Teaching is the choicest of professions because everybody who is anybody was taught how to be somebody by a teacher.


New Work

My teaching path did not stop there; it merely transformed and evolved in more meaningful ways than I could have ever imagined. I knew I wanted to continue to teach, and the time came to do it on my terms. The comfort of a daily routine, a super-secure job, a pleasant work environment, and a comfortable paycheck were all nice. Still, my inner being was seeking expansion of a different nature. The years of research leading up to this point in the natural health and nutrition fields, coupled with a spiritual awakening, birthed in me a desire for a very different life. Freedom of being and service to world were now my guiding principles.

The stage for this new teaching path was taking shape a few years before I left teaching, although I did not know at the time what it was all leading up to.

  • In January 2008, I began writing articles on my first website—EvolvingBeings.com and over five years, my love for teaching through writing grew to encompass four sites, on which I wrote regularly.
  • In the summer of 2010, my education work took another unexpected turn, and I embraced video work. To date, I have created, hosted, and shared over 300 video episodes that teach, inspire, and empower others.
  • In the fall of 2011, I published my first book—Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition. In the fall of 2014, I released its thoroughly revised and expanded second edition, and in the summer of 2018, an updated third edition.
  • In the fall of 2012, I began to teach online in virtual classrooms, and have since created and delivered dozens of classes and courses via several online education platforms, including Udemy, Learn It Live, and Curious.
  • In the fall of 2013, I also expanded my teaching path to include entrepreneurial work that resulted in co-founding a start-up called Corsizio. This service platform provides educators, like me, with a modern, easy to use, professional, and affordable service to facilitate online registrations, payments, and attendee management for any of their classes, courses, workshops, and other educational events.

Between 2008 and 2019, I was actively involved in writing on my sites and as a guest author on other websites, writing my books, creating classes and courses, creating videos, consulting and coaching clients, media appearances, giving presentations and being a regular speaker at Canada’s leading wellness retreat center, Grail Springs. All of these made up what I considered to be my work, my life’s calling, and passion. All these outlets enabled me to express my gifts, talents, and creativity while doing what I love and adding positive value to the world and the lives of others. This was a very active and outwardly-focused time in my life.

Since 2019, I have chosen to scale back in many of these areas and step away from others completely to enter a quieter period in my life that can provide me with more time for the next phase of my spiritual development. It is now time for a quieter and internally-focused period. I am feeling a deep call for more solitude and silence to maintain the required balance of my mind, body, and spirit, while I apply a more narrow focus to the work that most resonates with me at this time.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Work Methodology & Themes

My work does not adhere to or follow common mainstream values and ideas, regarding how the mind, body or spirit work, or the commonly held beliefs about history, evolution, space, nutrition, medicine, etc. Instead, it explores and promotes the unlimited potential of the human mind, body, and spirit, along with the creative study of the nature of our reality. It is best suited for anyone who is ready to live from a higher state of conscious awareness, open-mindedness, personal accountability, and creative potential.

My work and teachings are rooted in and promote truth, freedom, compassion, peace, love, harmony, wisdom, transparency, autonomy, and unity.

Common themes and areas of expertise in my work, include:

  • Consciousness expansion and mindful living
  • Spirituality, theology, spiritual evolution
  • Self-realization, self-actualization, and recognition of our Divine self
  • Compassion for ALL LIFE: self, other humans, non-humans, animals, plants, fungi, bacteria
  • The power of the mind and conscious life creation
  • Heart-centered living, and evolution towards the lowest entropy: love
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Personal growth and development
  • Metaphysics, quantum science, and the energetic nature of life
  • Virtual reality and multi-dimensional reality
  • The laws and wisdom of nature; oneness and balance with nature
  • Feminine-masculine balance; wholeness of all beings
  • Authentic, transparent, and quality relationships
  • Optimal human nutrition (whole food, plant-based)
  • Vegan and raw nutrition
  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • The mind-body connection and innate healing ability
  • Holistic health and alternative healing
  • Detoxification, cleansing, and non-toxic lifestyles
  • Health freedom of choice (organics, GMOs, vaccines, etc.)
  • Foraging and wild edibles (plants and mushrooms)
  • Sustainability, environmental awareness, and eco-conscious living
  • Organic, veganic, and biodynamic farming
  • Ecological architecture (off-grid, domes, Earthships, etc.)
  • Small community living; local and resource-based economies
  • Elimination of fear-based and oppressive regimes; the illusion of lack and separation
  • Conscious ethics and corporate transparency
  • New Earth living