Like with any other condition, there are many physical and biochemical factors that influence diabetes and how we heal, treat, or prevent it. From a holistic perspective, our health is also directly influenced by our mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Join optimal wellbeing teacher and plant-based nutritionist, Evita Ochel to explore the mind-body connection as it relates to diabetes. Learn the language of your body and what a diabetes diagnosis reflects about your inner landscape to tackle healing and prevention at the root level.

YouTube Option:

This class is available as a free video presentation on YouTube (see above). Duration of class: 48 minutes

Specific topics covered in this video class are as follows:

  • Class agenda (1:49)
  • Levels of our being (2:40)
  • Disease creation process (5:03)
  • What we know about diabetes on a body level (13:09)
  • What should we know about diabetes on a mind level (14:52)
  • Common diabetes mind themes and patterns (16:28)
  • Quote from Inna Segal (23:04)
  • Quote from Lise Bourbeau (24:30)
  • What you can do on a body level (27:06)
  • What you can do on a mind level (30:00)
  • Practical steps for effective change (37:17)
  • Concluding message (43:48)
  • Further resources (44:32) Option:

This class took place live on June 9, 2016 at 1pm ET on the platform and is now available in a recorded video format. Duration of class: 35 minutes

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