The greatest threat to human health is not any bacteria, virus, food, or chemical but mismanaged thoughts and emotions.

Being out of alignment with yourself and life puts you at greatest risk of unease and disease.

Evita Ochel


There is no shortage of information today that spreads all kind of fear about what may hurt us or threaten our wellbeing. However, amidst the noise and chaos driven by the technological age of details and distractions, very few people pause to reflect on what really is our greatest threat, and also the most effective solution for us all. As long as we look “out there” we miss the answer and opportunity for personal empowerment, transformation, and liberation.

Ancient yogic, Buddhist, and similar spiritual masters have known for millennia that the problem and solution are one — this being our mind. An untrained, unconscious, scattered, fear-filled, and ignorant mind is the most dangerous thing within the realm of our existence. Nothing can or will hurt us more than our own mind when it is in such a state. On the other hand, a mind that is awake, aware, focused, and mastered is the most powerful tool with which we can positively create our reality.

This is why it would do us all a lot more good, in every way, to put more of our attention inward and learn how to use our mind for our greatest good. As long as we keep focusing on the outward world we will continue to be distracted by its contents, and with ignorant futility attempt to control them. There is only one thing we can control in this reality and that is ourselves; when we master ourselves and come into alignment with life, there is nothing and no one that can hurt us.