Purify your mind. The most dangerous and contagious virus is a virus of the mind. Its most common expression is fear.

Evita Ochel


There is nothing more infectious than a mind virus based on fear. We have a world today addicted to the very thing that is destroying it - F E A R - and we keep grasping at straws that we think will save us from drowning in it. As long as you are occupied with and distracted by the external sources of news and information, you are disabling yourself from taking personal accountability and responsibility for your wellbeing. Stop looking at what others are doing or saying, and start to focus on yourself and what you need to do to clean up your body and clean up your mind. Once you get these two things in order, you will begin to understand how powerful and capable you really are.

With the right support from the inside out, you can overcome anything that comes your way without cowering down or being paralyzed by fear. Your body is intelligently designed to protect and balance itself and keep itself healthy. But it cannot do this while you work against it with toxic foods, toxic drinks, toxic substances, toxic thoughts, and toxic emotions. So step out and step away from the fear and garbage. Immerse yourself in foods, beverages, activities, content, people, ideas, and resources that are nourishing, healing, and supportive to your body and mind.