There has been more destruction on this Earth in the name of God than good, due to human’s misunderstanding of God.

When humans stop projecting themselves onto God and grow up enough to handle their God-like nature, the Earth and all living beings on it shall know peace.

Evita Ochel


There is something wrong with this Earthly reality. On some conscious or unconscious level, we all know it. Despite the Earth being an incredibly beautiful place, anywhere that we find humans on it, we find an underlying foundation of fear, greed, competition, revenge, jealousy, injustice, hostility, violence, and what can be considered downright evil. How is this possible when billions of people on this Earth identify with some religion or spiritual path that has “God” at its apex? If we are following God, and we agree that God is love, compassion, peace, and all things good and pure, how can we keep justifying most of our destructive actions as “God’s will”?

Three of the most obvious and perverse examples of this are how we treat other humans, how we treat animals, and how we treat the Earth. The past is rife with examples, and to this day humans verbally and physically torture and kill other humans, claiming it is in the name of God. Every single day most humans participate, either directly or indirectly, in the torture and butchering of millions of animals, and justify it as God’s will. Look around and see how our blind desire for power, status, and control within our own families, our communities, our workplaces, our governments, and our societies are pillaging the natural resources of our Earth, while we claim we live by God’s word and are good people.

What will it take for us to wake up? What will it take for us to see the disconnect? What will it take for us to get honest with ourselves and face the shadows that cause us to live completely out of alignment with who and how we think we are?

We each have a choice to change this; by changing ourselves, we will change the Earthly reality for all. Our solution and our salvation, however, will not come from an external person, place, or thing. It will come from within. Just like a child needs to grow up physically, mentally, and emotionally to take on the responsibilities of being an adult, so too we must grow up spiritually to take on the responsibilities of being a soul. For it is only when we see beyond our body and mind, and align them with our soul that we will begin to understand what it really means to honor God’s will and think, speak, and act in the name of God. It is only then that we will be able to embrace our God-like nature and extend true love, compassion, and peace onto every other living being and part of this Earth.