When I left my formal teaching career in 2009, it was not with the intention of starting any kind of teaching or coaching business. I had no idea if, or when, or from where, any monetary pay would come. Based on a strong inner calling, I chose to walk away from a comfortable salary and step into the unknown on my path of service. There was no looking back. There was simply taking the leap, opening up my wings with trust and faith. The following quote from Joseph Campbell has been instrumental in my life:

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.

Joseph Campbell

The motivation for this part of my journey arose from a deep inner calling and desire of liberation. I wanted to be free to create and share my passions and talents with the world on my own terms and time. To this day, I do not consider or treat my teaching work as a business. My first reason for doing what I do is the deep sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment that comes from doing what I love. My second reason is to positively contribute to the world. I am neither interested in fame nor fortune, as defined by our society. If I was, I would have to take a very different approach to my work, and that simply does not interest or represent me. People spend their lives working so hard trying to get to that “place” where they can relax and enjoy life, or say they have “made it” with whatever material possessions or titles they think will bring them happiness. Many consider this only possible in their retirement. This is not the path I sought, or see for myself. The present moment is most precious and I choose to live fully now. Thus, I have achieved a state of being that no salary can compete with: the freedom to own your own time and do what you love is priceless.

Having shared the above does not meant that I negate the use of money or am reckless in my endeavors. The foundation of my life is based on conscious life creation: living mindfully today to enjoy a pleasant tomorrow. Therefore, to make my lifestyle, passions, and creative endeavors work for me, rather than me working for them, I simply chose to get creative with how I would approach supporting myself.

  • My primary approach has been to focus on simplifying my life, rather than on amplifying my need for money. This does not mean I live in a state of lack, or want. It simply means that I realize what brings true happiness, and focus on nurturing that.

  • My secondary approach has been to create a few, diversified income sources. In following my bliss and providing value to the lives of others, I have chosen to provide over 90% of my online creations for free so that money does not limit people who genuinely want to change and improve their lives. The remainder of my creations (books, courses, consulting, etc.) are offered at nominal costs to make them widely accessible.

While all these sources currently add up to a small financial outcome compared to my previous teaching salary, it all works exceptionally well thanks to how my partner and I have structured our lives. I have no doubt that in choosing to pursue my passions, follow my bliss, and be of service to others, I have always received what I need and have been flawlessly supported by the Universe.

Your Support is Appreciated

I am forever blessed to be able to do what I love, while being of service to others on my life path journey. However, creating something is one thing; having people know about it, use it, and benefit from it is a whole other story. This is where I am deeply grateful for all of the amazing gestures of support that I have received over the years from individuals all over the world. Your support matters so much and I wouldn’t be here without you.

If you resonate with what I am doing and sharing, or have enjoyed, benefitted, or found value from my work, please consider any of the following gestures of support:

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Thank you in advance for your kind and thoughtful support!