To support the work I do freely, I am pleased to be an affiliate for the following products or services. I have tried each of these myself and use some of them on a regular basis in my life. I have decided to become affiliated with them as I found them valuable or noteworthy to share with others. By making your purchases for things you may normally need in your life through any of the links below or links to these merchants found on my websites, you can support my work, as I earn from qualifying purchases, without any additional cost to you.


Amazon is a leading online shopping platform that carries numerous products, including organic, green, and sustainable choices. They offer convenient ordering and shipping, which is free for orders over $35. For more information, visit: is a Canadian-based online store that offers an excellent variety of organic, green, and sustainable products, including food, personal care, baby care and home care. They offer convenient ordering and shipping, which is free for orders over $35 in Canada and $99 in the US. They offer regular promotions, sales and clearance items. I purchase some organic food items several times per year from with great satisfaction. For more information, visit:

250 x 250 Evergreen is a US-based online store that offers an excellent variety of organic, green and natural products that cover everything from food and cleaning products, to supplements and cosmetics. They are my top online choice for healthy items at best prices when I am in the US, with outstanding shipping speed and customer service. They have constant, fantastic promotions, excellent sales, and various free shipping options. For more information visit

Sunfood Superfoods

Sunfood - Your Source for Superfoods

Sunfood Superfoods is a family-run based in San Diego, California, originally formed in 1995. They focus on securing the highest quality food from the highest quality farmers around the world, and put each batch through their internal quality assurance. They even focus on specific packaging that is specially designed to keep the food fresher for longer. Sunfood offers free shipping in the US for orders over $49, and regular promotions and sales. For more information or to explore the amazing variety of products, visit: Sunfood Superfoods

Healthy Goods

Live Superfoods - The Raw Superfoods Superstore

As someone who understands the power of living, whole, plant food nutrition, I not only recommend it to others, but live by it myself. Raw, whole plant foods offer us something that no other food can when it comes to superior nutrition density, healing and prevention power, as well as vital life energy. Healthy Goods is one of the leading retailers to provide an excellent selection of top raw and vegan superfoods, organic foods, gluten-free foods, nutrition supplements, and natural lifestyle products. They offer free shipping throughout the 48 continental US states with orders over $49. For more information, visit: Healthy Goods

Prana Organic & Vegan Foods

PRANA - Healthy Snacks, Organic Foods & Natural Products

With today’s growing movement towards nutritional literacy and responsible eating consumers can benefit from the increasing number of choices offered by companies that have human health, animal welfare and environmental sustainability in mind. One such company is Prana who offers a wide range of delicious and high quality healthy Snacks, organic foods and natural products. To explore the assortment offered, visit: Prana Organic & Vegan Foods.


Udemy is a leading online education platform that serves over 2 million students in over 190 countries. It is a platform that I am proud to be a teacher on, as well as student. It features more than 12,000 courses (in 10 different languages), with each course being designed and taught by an expert instructor. Courses range in cost, with many free ones available as well. For more information see the Top Courses for $15


Spiritual Cinema Circle

The Spiritual Cinema Circle was founded in part by film producer Stephen Simon of What Dreams May Come. It is a membership site, where instead of renting movies, members own the physical DVDs they receive each month. The monthly selection of uplifting movies includes features, shorts and documentaries that explore spirit, spirituality, existence, morality, compassion, the power of the mind, metaphysics and other enriching topics that take your personal journey further. I have personally enjoyed some films from Spiritual Cinema Circle in the past and am pleased to promote a form of entertainment that enriches the state of our being.

For more information, see the 2016 Volume 2 DVD Landing Page

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