I create and experience my own heaven daily.

Evita Ochel


What we call our world or Earthly reality is not a static, physical place in time where we are sent to by some other force or being, to be tested or prove ourselves in, and to have things happen or not happen to us and for us randomly. Rather, it is a virtual and dynamic realm that is created and co-created by each one of us who choose to express ourselves in it, in any given lifetime.

It is easy to lay blame externally or submit to an unknown force or entity, as having power over the course of our lives. It is easy to condemn the world and the people in it for not being the way we think it/they should be, or for not meeting our expectations. However the questions we should really be reflecting on are: Are we meeting our own expectations? Are we taking responsibility and accountability for our life experience? What are we doing to improve or deteriorate our life experience? Are we being the change we wish to see?

Heaven and hell are both here and now. Which you create and experience depends on your level of awareness and abilities to utilize your mind effectively, and create your life consciously. The more we gain the awareness to see our own role in the life experience we are having, the more we shift from being a bystander, who watches things unfold, to being a creator, who aligns things to manifest.

Life can be as good, as wonderful and as beautiful as we make it, and allow ourselves to experience. May you rise to your greatest creator potential in each moment!