The Art of Simplicity: Financial Strategies for Liberated Living is a course created and delivered by Evita Ochel to teach you how to apply the art of simplicity to learn how to have more with less to optimize your life and gain more freedom and control over your life.

In our quest for “more”, we have allowed the material world to rob us of optimal life quality. At a time when we could be thriving, our modern way of life has become more complex then ever, ushering with it unprecedented levels of stress, disconnection, and dissatisfaction. Fortunately, we can choose another path, one that is enriching in all the ways that matter for our health, happiness, and wellbeing and planetary sustainability—the path of simplicity.

Course Objective

The Art of Simplicity course was created to help you thrive in our modern times by knowing that you have a choice with respect to how you create your life. Whether you are looking for some savvy financial tips or wish to implement a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, this course will inspire, empower, and enable you to start applying effective habits to positively transform your life today.

You will learn how to optimize key areas of your lifestyle, including:

  • home and living costs
  • food and drink costs
  • personal care and entertainment costs

Course Benefits

  • Gain essential information and practical guidelines for how to make your life easier and more advantageous to your wellbeing.
  • Learn how to save money and how to be more effective with your money.
  • Learn how to restructure your lifestyle to reflect the art of simplicity.
  • Discover the numerous benefits of simplicity for your health, finances, and more!

Course Content

  • 6 hours of educational video content
  • 23 topic-specific lectures
  • practice homework exercises to practice what you are learning
  • interactive quizzes to apply your skills
  • a selection of enriching written and video resources

When & Where

This online video course is available for you to take any time, and at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or even while you travel. Students have lifetime access to the course, to review and repeat anytime they like.

The video course is available through the international education platform and you can gain access to the course by registering using the button below.

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Course Reviews & Testimonials

Everyone absolutely needs to do this course, and especially if you’re looking for a life transformation that leads to simplicity and freedom. Starting with the first course I did by Evita Ochel called Cook Real Food: How To Make Simple Plant-Based Meals, I was on a quest to learn more from this incredible woman and signed up for more courses by her. Her teachings are absolutely soul-nourishing and life-changing and all magically align with one another for life enrichment. When I learned about Art of Simplicity, I was eager to dive in. I had begun my journey to simplicity a few years ago when I left Los Angeles after many years and moved to Maui. Wow! This course, like her others, goes above and beyond expectations. I was fascinated by what I was learning. It’s a total inner make-over in the purest, most simplest, and beautiful way. The resources sections are a ton of fun in allowing you to do some self-discovery and find simple, authentic ways to live your life according to your values. I was blown away with new ways I discovered to simplify my life, thanks to this course. What an absolute treat. Loved it. Evita is a true gem to the world. She delivers the very best in all of her courses. I highly recommend her teachings. With grateful thanks and deep appreciation for so much!

Joanne Rose, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Fantastic practical guide to stripping your life from all these unnecessary things that weigh you down, gain more clarity of mind, and live your life in a fulfilled manner. Evita takes us through critical questions that we all too often never take the time to consider and which help us re-focus our priorities to live the life that truly resonates with our being. Once again, Evita’s delivery is thorough and contains practical examples that one can easily apply to everyday life from which immediate changes can be felt starting with a sense of clarity and focus.


While you can gradually amass similar information by browsing various YouTube channels, I much prefer this comprehensive resource on the simple lifestyle, which is more like a book in video form. Presenter Evita Ochel is far less interested in self-promotion than most YouTubers and focuses primarily on helping her viewers. Her clear, soothing voice matches the material perfectly. To me, the biggest benefit of the course was Evita’s beautifully written, thoughtful, supportive response to a long, soul-searching question that I posted in the discussion area. Her answer was truly priceless. Art of Simplicity is worth every penny and more!

Beth Tyler

Evita has put together a course that very systematically goes through all aspects of daily life, and shows realistic and doable options for simplifying. When taken as a whole the course is very comprehensive and provides a great holistic approach to making daily living easier and less costly (financially, energetically, and physically). Thank-you Evita.

Doug Lawson

This course is amazing! It is just what I needed in this transitional phase of my life. I have already gained so much just in the first section of this course.

Ruth Farkas