Over the years I have been asked numerous questions, and tried to reply personally to each one. Some that dealt specifically with the individuals’ personal life, some that dealt with how I live my life, and some that dealt with general topics that affect the global human family. While I have tried to address questions about my personal lifestyle through this site, here are some other questions that individuals have commonly asked me. To make it a more efficient resource for all, I have condensed my answers and made them available for anyone interested to read below.

How did you come to be a consciousness expansion teacher?

As many of us know, labels are very limiting. I have tried to define my role in this world over the past few years using various physical words or labels, but each time the fit was just not quite right. The essence of what I have been doing both formally and informally since I began my life as an adult, is teaching. Hence the “teacher” part. When I asked myself what is it that I teach, I needed a way to encompass the multiple topics across various platforms that I teach today. Being someone who is also very passionate about continuous evolution and expansion of our consciousness, it finally dawned on me that the term “consciousness expansion teacher” would be the best fit.

What is a consciousness expansion teacher?

My role as a consciousness expansion teacher can be summarized as one who gives you a different, broader perspective or understanding of things. Often we live in very limited ways simply because we are stuck in a certain way of being or seeing things. Consciousness expansion awakens you to new information and expands your sense of who you are, how and why things are.

Your writing and teaching seems to come with a tone of certainty. How did you come to know what you do?

On a formal level, lots of learning. On an informal level lots of awakening and remembering who I am, and why I am. Today I am certain of what I know for me, and what I express is my truth. I do not however claim to know what is best for another being, or have their truth. I may at times express what seems like the most probable course of action to be favorable for another, but that is still based on probability. We each need to find our own truth and what is right for each of us at any given time. As for myself, today I am happy to live from a state of deep inner knowing. If what I share resonates with you, build upon that and create your own truth. Never take the truth of another, and always stay flexible with any thoughts, beliefs or ideas, so they do not limit the infinite potential of who you are.

What teachers or content has most influenced your work?

To date, there have been several teachers whose work has had a significant influence on my life, to help me awaken and remember who I am and why I am.

Teachers whose work has influenced me the most:

  1. Neale Donald Walsch
  2. Eckhart Tolle
  3. Abraham - Esther Hicks
  4. Tom Campbell
  5. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Books that have influenced me the most:

  1. Conversations with God — The Complete Trilogy by Neale Donald Walsch
  2. A New Earth — Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle
  3. The Teachings of Abraham by Esther & Jerry Hicks
  4. Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
  5. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Films that have influenced me the most:

  1. What the Bleep Do We Know!?
  2. Infinity: The Ultimate Trip
  3. The Secret
  4. The Matrix - Complete Trilogy
  5. Zeitgeist
Health and Wellness Teachers whose work has influenced me the most:

There are also several teachers whose work has influenced my personal lifestyle and work in the health and nutrition field.

  1. Dr. Bruce Lipton
  2. Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  3. Dr. Gabriel Cousens
  4. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
  5. Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Health and Wellness Books that have influenced me the most:

  1. Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by Dr. T. Colin Campbell 2.Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  2. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles by Dr. Bruce Lipton
  3. Conscious Eating by Dr. Gabriel Cousens
  4. Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself!: The most complete book on metaphysical causes of illnesses & diseases by Lise Bourbeau

Health and Wellness Films that have influenced me the most:

  1. A Delicate Balance
  2. The Cure Is…
  3. Hungry For Change
  4. Forks Over Knives
  5. Cowspiracy

Are you being authentic and true to who you really are?

There has been nothing more important in my life since I became fully aware of many things than to be true to my own values and priorities and express them freely and consciously. This is why I teach what I live, and teach also not what may be popular or desired, but that which I feel has merit and value for our human experience in this reality. Often those are the things people don’t want to hear or be made aware of, but so be it. This is my journey and that is part of being authentic to who I know myself to be. This is also why I share openly and transparently about much of my life on my website, but naturally only a select few who I have the pleasure of connecting with in person can attest to that more fully.

I feel it important to point out here too that the online world, especially social media, is very limiting and causes observers to create many false ideas and assumptions about a person. Most people, for example, will make quick judgements but never actually take the time to learn more fully or thoroughly who a person is or why they express themselves as they do. Then, if their expectations are not met in some way, they think that the person was the problem, not their own created illusions and judgements about the person. There is a great meme I once read that, which illustrates this perfectly: there are as many versions of you as there are people who come into contact with you. At the same time, I will be the first to say that, yes, many people, online or off, whether they are in the public spotlight in any way or not, create a false persona of themselves to achieve a certain outcome or be viewed in a certain way. Personally, I find that way too much work. It is much more conducive to our health and happiness, never mind energy, to be ourselves. So in this regard, I would hope that my trail on the internet of hundreds of articles, videos, and posts over the last 10 years, speaks for itself to a great degree for those who may wonder more about who I am or why I do what I do.

Living out of alignment with ourselves ALWAYS costs us, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, and at this point in my life, I am not interested in playing any games with myself or others, or decreasing the quality of my life just to “fit in” or be perceived a certain way. Life is much too short and beautiful to spend time suffering due to our own self sabotage. So for my own wellbeing, I am fully committed to this journey to continue learning how to optimize this human experience for best results. There is no point of perfection and there is still much to discover, but along each step of the way I am intending and choosing to be the truest expression of who I know myself to be.

Do you believe in God?

Not in any traditional sense. Rather, I believe in a Universal source of energy — a unified field of consciousness, that is beyond any name, gender, time or human construct. I can only describe it as something that is based on pure love, absolute truth, and ultimate creative potential. It is part of us and we are part of it. It evolves us and in turn we evolve it. Its most complete nature is beyond the comprehension of the human mind (at least at this time), but perhaps not beyond the human heart. We can talk about God/Source theoretically, but it must be experienced personally to be known.

What is the purpose of life?

The way I see it, the purpose of life is to evolve spiritually and come to a state of knowing ourselves as divine love, divine energy, and eventually as divine creators. Normally this takes innumerable lifetimes. The purpose of life is not to test you, make you suffer or have you prove yourself to anyone. It is to expand the potential of our soul, and remember who it is that we truly are. It is to remind us of our oneness with all life. On this journey, through numerous lifetimes, we are raising our vibration, while lowering our entropy, to come into alignment with the frequency of creation.

How do you explain all the good and evil in our world?

The idea of good and evil comes from a dualistic view of the world. When we have a limited view of life, it may appear that there are “bad” or “evil” things and “good” things. However, how we choose to judge something is always based on our personal bias, limited information, and is never objective. The more our view of life expands, the smaller the gap between good and evil becomes. This is not to say that we start to support (in any way) the various actions, mostly by those in any position of power, over other beings, whether an animal, child, or a whole country that intentionally inflicts harm on them. Instead, we simply understand that each being is on their personal journey of evolution, and it is not up to us to judge or condemn. It is up to us to be the change we wish to see, and make peace within ourselves with all the aspects of us that we see outside of us. A so called villain in this lifetime, was most certainly a victim in another lifetime, and vice-versa. We are all one, and have been on both sides of the game numerous times. The goal is simply to keep evolving towards love, being accountable for our own creations, and realizing that another being only has as much power over you, as you allow them to have. Condemning another solves nothing. Forgiveness moves us towards love. When we each shift our frequency and raise the vibration of the collective consciousness towards love, we in turn minimize all acts that stem from fear and unconsciousness, such as any kind of violence.

But aren’t some things just right, while others are wrong?

First and foremost, right and wrong are constructs and limitations of the mind, most specifically the Ego mind. From your soul or spirit’s perspective all is simply energy. And some energy has a higher vibration, while another energy has a lower vibration. As mentioned above, we are not here to judge or condemn others, rather to evolve beyond dualistic existence and into a love-based frequency of oneness with all life. The longer we point the finger outside of ourselves, the longer we miss the point. Also, until we grasp a larger view of reality we are not in any position to determine what is right, and what is wrong. These two concepts have proven to change over time, and change based on cultural thinking. And as we evolve we will come to understand that everything is us, is one—the good, the bad, the right, and the wrong, and that anytime we are out of alignment with love, we are always hurting ourselves first and foremost. It is of most value to focus on your personal spiritual evolution.

Why do some people suffer so much, while others seem to have it so easy?

As I have learned to date, all suffering comes from one of three root causes. One, either not understanding the bigger picture of who we are, and why we are. Two, due to lack of accepting what is, and being in a mode of resistance to life. Or three, being out of alignment with our soul’s purpose. Typically, suffering may even include all three. Also, as mentioned above, what may seem like suffering to us when observing another, may be exactly the type of experience the soul came here to have. Our biggest problem therefore is not that some have it easy, while others have it hard. Rather, it is that we judge subjectively what we think another being’s life should be like. Focus on your own spiritual evolution. Each of us creates the experiences we seek or need in each lifetime, and whether consciously or unconsciously lives them out.

But what about physical suffering like getting a disease, being wounded, or killed by another?

One of the biggest reasons why we see death and disease as “bad” or full of “suffering” is that we do not understand them. When we lift the stigma of death and disease, and come to understand the perfection with which all things take place, we get a completely different view of things. For many people getting a disease is the very thing they need to achieve what they came here to experience, or awaken, or come into alignment with their soul purpose. Likewise, death is not a finality, but a transition that one is simply done “playing the game” this time around. I do not believe that anyone dies a moment sooner, than when their soul is ready to transition. The challenge is that none of us know what is best for another, but definitely cause ourselves lots of suffering when we think we do. As we grasp a larger view of reality, we will deepen our understanding of these topics.

If my sickness is part of my soul purpose, does that mean I should not pursue healing?

Not at all. We have to understand that accepting what is, is not equivalent to giving up. If you are called to heal, then absolutely seek healing. But it is wise to find out why the dis-ease came in the first place, what was it trying to teach you, and heal from a space of love, not fear. We simply work against ourselves, and our healing, when we resist what is, calling it bad, negative, etc. Also, the deepest healing that is needed is not on the physical plane, but rather the emotional, mental and energetic plane. So definitely pursue healing, as this is part of what many of us are here for, just be sure to make peace with it and how it fits in with the bigger picture of your purpose in this lifetime.

What are your thoughts on energy healing?

Energy healing is a very valid healing modality, when we understand the energetic nature of our being, and it can be a beautiful modality to help another align with their soul purpose. However, it all depends on what pretense it is being done under. If it is being done because we feel sorry for the other person, or think they shouldn’t have “x” disease, or we think we know what is best for them, or we enjoy the “specialness” we feel because we can heal energetically, then it is not done for the greatest benefit to the system as a whole. In such cases, it can in fact be a sort of interference. If however, we work with the person on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level, and help them be accountable for their own healing, it can indeed be a wonderful gift to share with another.

What are your thoughts on soul contracts?

I think there is great validity in the concept of soul contracts. This being that certain individuals pre-plan their next incarnation together, and the type of experiences each will be responsible for in that particular lifetime. However, I also think that it is possible that soul contracts are neither binding or always adhered to. We always have free will.

What are your thoughts on soul ages?

It is both experiential and observational in nature that certain individuals feel, or act like “old souls”, while others like “young souls”, regardless of their physical age in any particular lifetime. This concept made a lot of sense to me, until I embarked on a much larger view of reality when it comes to understanding time and spiritual evolution. I still think there is some validity to soul ages, but I need to gather more information on this topic before I attempt to shed light on it clearly for others.

Why are so many of us surrounded by so many challenging people, or have very challenging relationships?

The main reason we have relationships is to learn how to relate. Relationships are perhaps the best tool we have to learn about ourselves, and evolve spiritually. They provide a mirror for us to see ourselves, or to have someone to reflect off of. So the answer as to why so many seem so difficult is multi-fold. Some of it has to do with soul contracts, and what you see as a challenge is actually part of your evolution and awakening. We simply have to stop fighting against it, or resist it, and make peace with it to see the role that the situation or person came to serve in our life. (This does not mean we should be part of, or put up with abusive relationships.)

Another part of this answer revolves around the fact that everything we see outside of us is in some way a representation of something inside of us, normally something that requires our attention. So if your friend, or sibling, or parent, or spouse is triggering you in various unpleasant emotional ways, take that as a strong signal that something within you needs healing. Others truly reflect to us who we are, so pay attention who is in your life to learn more about yourself and the parts of you that need your attention.

Finally, many of us simply overstay our welcome. Most relationships are for us to learn something and move on. This does not always mean that we should stop interacting with that person, or remove them from our life. It simply means that the relationship has to naturally evolve, or transition to a new form. The reason why so many relationships end badly is because both parties spend years of suppressing their truth and resentment builds this whole time. If we were a spiritually mature race, we would be more in tune with knowing when to remove ourselves from close knit relationships and perhaps transition them into other forms. For example, a husband and wife would come to realize when it is time to part on their journey together in those roles, and perhaps instead switch roles to become friends, rather than eventually becoming enemies by continuing on.

To add to all this, our society is unrealistic in the restraints and expectations it puts on relationships. We think the immediate physical members of our family are it, and we have to stick together no matter what, not realizing that the whole Earth is our family. The particular set up in this lifetime is just one arrangement. There have been, and will be many others. There are many parent-child, friend-friend, spouse-spouse relationships that are actually hazardous to both parties—generating more Karma, than healing—by trying to force them to work. Therefore we have to understand that relationships can, and should be beautiful, enjoyable and some of the best grounds for evolving, but we have to embrace a more spiritually mature attitude, and a less Ego-driven one to make that happen. Remember we are all one, by hurting another, you are only hurting yourself.

What are your thoughts on UFOs, ETs or other dimensional beings?

There was a time when I thought anything outside of the human race was a fairytale. Today I think that thinking there is only the human race is a fairytale. Although I have not to date had any personal contact with non-Earth-human beings that I know of, there is not a doubt in my mind that infinite other civilizations exist, both physical and spiritual as well as inter-dimensional.

What are your thoughts on starseeds, or soul origins?

I think there is some validity to the topic that some souls have originated in other dimensions or on other star systems, however there is much yet to learn and understand about this topic. Unfortunately many people who seek to know their star or soul origin get lost in pining away for going back there, rather than fully living out the experience they came here to have. And at the end of the day, we have still all originated from the same source of creation, just perhaps have lived more lifetimes elsewhere. So while this is a fascinating topic, we just have to make sure that we do not become limited by it in our personal evolution.

You love nature, so what are your thoughts about all the destruction of the environment? Isn’t that evil?

Simply put, we do not understand what we are doing. Just like we wouldn’t call a 3 year old child who picks flowers in a field evil, we cannot call those of us who are unconsciously interacting with the environment evil. They simply do not understand how much by hurting nature, our Earth—Gaia, they are hurting themselves. They are coming back here to be the future generations. Their current actions are affecting them in this lifetime, and all of their lifetimes to come. This is not meant to justify their actions, but it does not serve me to develop any anger externally, as this will only be reflected within me internally. The best advice I can offer is focus on the self, be the change you wish to see, and lovingly raise awareness whenever, and wherever you can to help others understand the consequences of their actions. We are all in this together.

Do you ever have a bad day, get upset or angry?

When I got off the roller coaster of unconscious living, I completely changed how I understood and lived life. When we awaken and understand that we are the creators of our reality and our experiences, it is rare to have a bad day, or feel angry. This does not mean we suppress our emotions, it simply means that we act from a different space of understanding and a different state of being. There are still minor things that can momentarily throw off my inner peace, but I do not experience what some would call a “bad day”. Every day is a miracle, it all depends on how we choose to see it. As for emotions, today more than ever I understand the importance of expressing our emotions in a healthy manner. I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that suppressed or repressed emotions are the root cause of most physical, emotional and mental dis-ease. So yes, I will feel deep emotion at times, but I cannot equate it to any kind of anger or sadness. It is more like a deep empathic response where I feel connected to all life and feel the pain we are sometimes unconsciously causing each other.

What are your thoughts on consciousness expanding, mind altering plant or fungi teachers?

I think there is great value in the dimensions that many plant teachers like Ayahuasca can present to us. However, I am personally of the belief that although they can open the doors of perception for us momentarily, we should commit ourselves to opening these doors without any such tools in how we choose to live life on a daily basis. All of nature speaks to us, when we are ready to listen.

What are your thoughts on organized religions?

Religions are a tool, and just like any other tool their value and effects will greatly depend on how they are used. There was a time when our society could have greatly benefitted from religions to provide guidance to our developing race, just like a parent would to a developing child. But there comes a time to grow up and begin to think for ourselves. That time is past its prime in our world. So many humans have gotten stuck in religions and see them as the end result, rather than a stepping stone on their journey of personal evolution. Just like with any schooling system there is a time to learn, as well as a time to graduate and move on. Many humans however continue to seek the guided hand-holding, as it alleviates the need to take personal responsibility for one’s thoughts, ideas, words, actions and personal creations.

As we know today, religions are capable of both great good and great destruction. Unfortunately, the latter is predominant due to their nature, which is rooted in fear, oppression, control and Ego. I personally do not resonate with their divisive or illusive nature, and do not support or promote any organized religion in any area of my life or work. God, Salvation or the Kingdom of Heaven is not external to us. It is inside of us, and unless or until we learn this experientially, we continue to be enslaved, rather than empowered. One of the best things that has happened to me in this lifetime is my spiritual awakening, which allowed me to transcend the confines of religion and live from an enhanced state of clarity, understanding and inner peace.

What are your thoughts on the New World Order, Illuminati and similar ideas?

Most of the topics within these fields are not part of my reality, and I do not choose to give them any attention. To do so at this point for me, would be to fuel their very presence. We have to be conscious of how much our thoughts, words and actions are supporting the very things we do not wish to experience. It all comes as part of our personal evolution and spiritual maturity. Likewise, and for the most part, anything fear-based is nothing more than a limiting construct of the Ego-based mind. When we release it and choose to make peace with it within ourselves, it ceases to exist.

Having said that, there is validity in that a lot is, and has been, hidden from the human family on this Earth. Most people still live completely asleep, unaware of how they are fueling the very things they do not wish to experience. Deception, fear and greed have played a dominant role in the Old Earth. However as I see it, and experience it, once we remove ourselves from the frequency of that state of being, these frequencies either seize to exist, or are no longer able to impact us. The way to switch our vibration from the old to the new Earth is to apply the frequency of love in ALL of our thoughts, words and actions, to the things we wish to experience. Be the light. Don’t get lost in the darkness.