The quality of our life, our health and wellbeing, our joy and inner peace, is determined by how presently we live. The more present we are to each moment, the more conscious are our thoughts, words, and actions, and thus, choices. Via every moment we are creating our life and the more we cultivate our ability to live in the present, the more aligned we are with ourselves and life itself. This e-book presents 21 visual and written reflections to help you cultivate and seize the power of present-moment living.

This resource was created to help each individual develop a heightened state of awareness and mindfulness. Our state of presence goes hand in hand with our state of mindfulness. Together, both help increase the quality of our thoughts, words, and actions to be most in alignment with our true selves.

The e-book features an introduction and 3 parts, with each part featuring 7 unique reflections. The parts are a follows:

  • Part 1: Present to Self
  • Part 2: Present to Others
  • Part 3: Present to Nature

Each of the 21 reflections contains one of Evita’s nature photography images, along with a short reflection, an expanded reflection, and an affirmation. One reflection can be done daily for 3 weeks and act as the starting point for a personal meditation or contemplation practice.

The themes addressed are meant to help increase the quality of your health, wellbeing, relationships, work, awareness, joy, and inner peace.

The e-book was published December 2014, and it is freely gifted in hopes that it will enrich your life by amplifying the presence with which you live. When we positively transform ourselves, we positively transform our planet and life on this planet for all beings.

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