To stop learning is to start dying; learning is the fuel that drives the journey of personal evolution and self-realization.

Evita Ochel

My education, as for most people, stems from two main areas: formal education and informal education from the school of life. Below, I share how these two areas have played a role in my life.

Formal Education

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Having a great interest in science, the human body, and health since my teens, I pursued a science degree at the post-secondary level. I attended McMaster University and graduated with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology and a minor in psychology. Most of my other classes comprised of biochemistry and mathematics. The biology component focused heavily on human biology, the biochemistry on human nutrition, and the psychology on cognition and human behavior.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Within the second year of my studies, I chose to pursue the path that was my inner calling — becoming a teacher. After my four-year science degree, I attended the University of Toronto and got a Bachelor of Education degree, which specialized in teaching secondary school science and math.

Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN)

After years of following a mainstream, reductionist-based science path, my world view expanded into the field of holistic science, nutrition, natural health, and optimal wellness. I took the Advanced Nutrition Diploma program through the Alive Academy of Natural Health and got certified as a holistic nutritionist.

Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT 200)

Along with my ongoing and ever-expanding holistic journey, I became a student of yoga and began my regular practice of yoga in the fall of 2009. Over the years, my practice has included Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and hot yoga. In February 2014, I attended a month-long (200-hour) yoga teacher training program at the Yandara Yoga Institute and became a certified yoga teacher.

Plant-Based Nutrition Course for Medical Applications

As part of my commitment to continuing education, in August 2017, I took the Plant-Based Nutrition: Research and Application in the Medical Practice course, which is taught by Dr. Thomas M. Campbell, developed at the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, and presented by the Foundation for Care Management (FCM), a recognized leader in continuing medical education.

Other Specializations

Spirituality & Theology

Spirituality has always played a central theme in my life and is part of my lifelong journey. Over the years, and to date, I have actively pursued theoretical and experiential expertise in this area via books, videos, courses, retreats, and meditation practices. I have an extensive background in many of the world’s philosophies, religions, and spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Christianity.

Quantum Science & Metaphysics

Since 2006 I have actively pursued research in the fields of quantum science and metaphysics via books, videos, workshops, conferences, interviews, web resources, and personal experience.

Herbalism & Mycology

Since 2010 I have dedicated myself to the study of herbalism and mycology via research, books, videos, workshops, online resources, and in-the-field, hands-on experience.


Since 2012 I have engaged in the regular study of homeopathy via research, books, courses, videos, interviews, and other resources.

Chi Gong

Since 2018, I have been actively engaged in the study and practice of chi “qi” gong via books and videos.

Informal Education

There was a time in my life when I highly valued formal education and thought it was necessary for a good life and a successful career. Since then, the tables have drastically turned as I realized how conformist, biased, and close-minded most of the mainstream education is. While my formal education served me well and was an integral part of my work and career choice, I have come to understand that what we learn and apply in our daily life is most influential on how intelligent, knowledgeable, and wise we are. No degree, diploma, or certificate can compete with inner wisdom.

Since my early 20s, I have been engaged in ongoing learning and research in the various fields of science, nutrition, holistic health, metaphysics, and spirituality. For me, education is a natural part of life, without which I cannot imagine my existence. From scientific literature to popular blogs, it has been very enriching to learn from so many other experts out there, and integrate other ideas to expand my personal truths. Never did I enjoy learning as much, as when I did it outside of formal education. I imagine this is a typical case for most.

To date, my love of learning continues as I continue to venture deeper into new areas that excite me like mycology and wild edibles. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something meaningful. However, in the end, it is my inner knowing that guides me the most. As I live and teach, the most valuable knowledge will never be found in a scientific study, but within the wisdom of our heart and soul, and the Laws of Nature. The more I stepped into the fullness of my being and learned to trust my inner guidance and intuition, the more I realized that everything we need to know is within. We just have to remove the obstacles that obscure it from our awareness.

My greatest teacher and source of knowledge today is nature. It is from it, and through it that I continue to gain the most priceless teachings and wisdom. In moments of still observation, I can access timeless information about the self, others, the world, and life as a whole. When we remove the limits of separation and merge with the oneness of life, we come into alignment with the Universal Source of all that is and connect with infinite wisdom.