Winter is commonly associated with more cases of colds, flus and other infections, as well as increased rates of depression, seasonal affective disorder and weight gain. It is a time where we commonly spend more time indoors, participate in less physical activity, while we consume more calories, fats and sugars. But what if this winter, instead of worrying about how many infections you may catch, or whether you should get the flu shot, you could thrive on a physical, mental and emotional level?

Join optimal wellbeing teacher Evita Ochel as she presents the specific reasons for the increased lack of health and well-being during the winter months. You will learn how to optimize your lifestyle for the winter months, as well as your mental and emotional state of being. You will walk away with lots of valuable tips, as well as information on how to empower yourself as a health conscious consumer and not fall prey to the common myths and misleading information when it comes to understanding our health during the winter months.


This class took place live on December 15, 2016 at 10amET, and is now available in a recorded video format to enjoy, anytime.


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How to Stay Healthy This Winter

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