Next to fruits and vegetables, legumes, including all beans, are the healthiest, most nutrient-dense, healing, protective, and weight-friendly foods. Sadly, statistics show that most people are not eating enough beans or including them regularly in their diet. An optimally healthy diet, however, needs to contain legumes on a daily basis. The challenge for many people, then, is how to eat those beans in easy, practical, and enjoyable ways. In this class, you will learn tips and ideas for how to prepare, cook, and use beans in your meals in a way that provides unlimited variety and satisfaction.

Join optimal wellbeing teacher and plant-based nutritionist, Evita Ochel as she explains how to prepare beans and legumes, and use them in meals, as well as how to overcome challenges associated with consuming these foods.

Where & When

The class is available on-demand for free on YouTube and you can watch it instantly below: