Whole plant foods are the most nutrient-dense and provide us with the most healing and protection benefits for our health. However, what we do to those foods and how we cook them greatly impacts their health potential. In our society, it has become common to routinely cook with oil and add oils to nearly all foods, which introduces us to all kinds of health risks and weight problems.

Join optimal wellbeing teacher and plant-based nutritionist, Evita Ochel for this class where you will learn that it is not only possible to cook all whole plant foods without oil, but also that it is the most desirable thing to do for optimal health and weight. A quick overview will be provided to know why oils are not ideal additions to an optimally healthy diet and how to tackle cooking grains, beans, vegetables, as well as mushrooms, without any oils.

Where & When

The class is available on-demand for free on YouTube and you can watch it instantly below: