In our world of diverse foods, there is one group that is most beneficial to our health, but one in which the majority of people’s diets in our population today are severely lacking in. This being the greens. Green vegetables, especially leafy greens hold the power to heal us and prevent numerous states of disease, but most of us have yet to put into action their incredible potential through our daily diet.

Join optimal wellbeing teacher Evita Ochel as she explains why greens are such powerful foods for healing, prevention, healthy weight, longevity, and optimum wellness. You will learn about the most common commercial greens, as well as some wild greens, and what makes them so unique compared to all other food forms. You will also learn about their nutritional makeup and specific benefits for our mental, emotional and physical health. Finally, Evita will share some practical tips for incorporating greens into your life, such as picking, using, and storing your greens, as well as some meal ideas for making them a part of your daily diet in a way the whole family can enjoy.


This class took place live on August 14, 2013, at 7 pm EST and is now available in a recorded video format for you to enjoy anytime.


This is a virtual 1-hour class that is available via the Learn It Live platform, for you to take from the comfort of your own home.

Cost: $10

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