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The acid-alkaline balance is one of the most vital components for health and wellbeing, yet it is still one of the least emphasized and appreciated health topics. In a nut shell, our body’s overall biochemistry is slightly alkaline (basic), with specific reference to the blood. The blood must stay in a tightly controlled pH range of roughly 7.4 for you to function, be healthy and stay alive. Everything that enters the blood influences the blood pH, though our body will do everything in its power to keep that blood pH slightly alkaline.

All foods and drinks, and other ingestible substances will either have an alkalizing or acidifying effect on our blood, and thus body. In rare cases, there is a neutral effect, but in general foods and drinks are regarded as either being acid-forming or alkaline-forming. Unfortunately the Standard American Diet (SAD), high in refined carbohydrates, animal products and oils, and low in fruits and vegetables is highly acidifying (or acid-forming). Diet-induced acidosis is considered in holistic medicine, and increasingly so in conventional medicine, as a major contributing factor to all states of disease and symptoms of imbalance.

As I explain in my book Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition, a proper acid-alkaline balance is associated with a decreased risk of and strongest protection against inflammation and lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis. It is essential for optimal immune function, decreasing or altogether eliminating our susceptibility to infections, and optimal weight maintenance.

Eating in a way that supports the acid-alkaline balance is actually very easy, and no complex rules, formulas or calculations are required. If one is eating a whole-food, plant-based diet that is predominantly high in fresh fruits and vegetables, then an acid-alkaline balanced diet is the natural consequence. Of course for a more in-depth approach, especially for the healing of chronic conditions, a more detailed analysis of one’s lifestyle and dietary approach may be required to balance the body.

However for a quick and general acid-alkaline overview of acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods, I created the Acid-Alkaline Food Guide. Although it is easy to find acid-alkaline charts online today, they vary in quality and usability. The acid-alkaline guide that I created is meant to be easy to use and understand, by addressing food in a general sense. Food types and food quality is addressed as a whole, rather than as specific foods, which can make eating based on the acid-alkaline balance tedious or complicated.

The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide is provided as a free download, so that everyone can have access to knowing how to feed themselves to benefit from one of the most powerful dietary approaches for optimal human function. You can use the guide personally, or print, or share it with others.