I can point you in the direction you wish to go, but I cannot walk the path for you.

Evita Ochel

My life passion and purpose involves teaching; I love educating, empowering, and inspiring individuals to experience the highest quality of life possible. Speaking to groups both big and small comes naturally to me, and is one of the most fulfilling and invigorating experiences, for which I am always very grateful and by which I am always very humbled.

Over the years, I have very much resonated with the Mary Poppins idea when it comes to my work and helping others. The Universe always guides me to be where I am meant to be, to offer some help or value to the lives of others. There is always a great mix of purpose, meaning, synchronicity, and divine timing involved.

Then, when the purpose has been fulfilled, each person must proceed on their own path, and apply the new lessons and guidance as is most right for them. This also fits well with the nature of my being and work, as I never want anyone dependent on me. My work is based on empowering and liberating others to access their own wisdom and guidance from within to create what they most desire.

Common Reasons People Seek My Help

  • How to eat healthy / eat plant-based / eat whole food / eat vegan / etc.
  • How to create meal ideas / recipes / do batch cooking / advanced meal prep / etc.
  • How to make healthy eating work for the family / budget / work routine / etc.
  • How to overcome stress / anxiety / worry / etc.
  • How to heal emotional pain / trauma / resentments / etc.
  • How to listen to our body / intuition / inner knowing / follow your guidance / etc.
  • How to develop self-love / courage / overcome fears / etc.
  • How to be a conscious life creator / attract / manifest / etc.
  • How to live with purpose and meaning / to live authentically / to share our truth / etc.
  • How to evolve our consciousness / spirituality / soul / etc.
  • How to live with greater simplicity / happiness / satisfaction / purpose / etc.
  • How to have a better quality of life / more confidence / love / etc.
  • How to understand the purpose of life / the nature of reality / the afterlife / etc.

How I Offer You Help

  • Through my online classes and courses. To stay in alignment with my life path, the foundation of which is nature, the majority of my teaching and how I reach people takes place through various online platforms. This allows me to provide numerous classes easily to anyone in the world.

  • Through my retreats and workshops at the Grail Springs Wellness Retreat Center. If you’d like to attend an in-person event, please refer to my calendar of events.

  • Through my YouTube videos. Explore the hundreds of free videos available on numerous mind, body, and spirit topics on my Evolving Beings TV and Healthytarian channels on YouTube.

  • Through my books. I have written several books and guides, including Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition, which provides a complete resource to teach people how to eat, what to eat, and why for optimal health, weight, and wellbeing.

  • Through my articles. To date I have written over a thousand articles on numerous topics to offer ample guidance and resources to help in the expansion and evolution of the mind, body, and spirit. Depending on your personal needs or interests, I invite you to navigate through my sites — Evolving Beings and Evolving Wellness, which provide articles, essays, recipes, and reviews. You can also see other outlets where my writing work has been featured.

  • Through personal consulting and coaching. Due to my current writing and entrepreneurial projects, I am no longer able to offer any personal consulting appointments or coaching sessions for the foreseeable future.