Our journeys of personal evolution are each unique and change throughout our lifetimes as we seek to learn and experience different things while in this physical reality. Through this e-book you will enjoy hearing from myself and 51 other beings, who like you made a choice to consciously transform their life. Through their stories you will receive guidance, resources and support to honor your personal journey.

This empowering resource is meant to help you on your journey of personal evolution to improve, change, or uplift yourself or your life. Whether you need advice, help or support in the areas of the mind and your thoughts; the body and your health; or the soul and your spirituality, this resource includes it all for a complete and holistic foundation for your life.

The e-book features:

  • an introduction
  • 3 parts that equally cover topics for journeys dealing with the mind, body and spirit
  • 52 individual stories from Evolving Beings (one for each week of the year)

The Evolving Beings featured in this e-book will help expand your consciousness throughout the year, for your mind, body, and spirit. Each of the beings who have contributed their experience have dealt with some major change or struggle in their own life, and are on their own path of personal discovery, healing and evolution. They offer comfort and support for us, and help us know that we are never alone. They have gone before you on a similar path, and now share what has worked for them. By learning from each other, we all benefit. By sharing their resources and wisdom, they are inspiring us to begin or to continue on our journey of personal growth, change and expansion.

This e-book was published January 1, 2012 and it is gifted freely from me to you in hopes that it will empower you on your journey of personal evolution.

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