Freedom: the unbound ability to be, to explore, and to express the truth of who we are.

Evita Ochel

Since awakening to, learning about, and remembering how creation works within the framework of this reality, I have been actively involved in conscious life creation, and co-creation with my partner, which has produced results that I am in awe of, humbled by and grateful for each day. Today, I can confidently say that I am living my dreams in all the ways that matter to me, as my life includes all of the things that speak most to my heart and are in alignment with my soul journey.

How does conscious life creation work? Although I could write an entire book about it today, here is a quick summary of my process, which has long become very intuitive and second-nature for me. The first step includes clearly and honestly defining your priorities, and knowing your “why’s” for why you want what you think you want. You have to ask yourself and be clear on how this thing or experience you want will make your life better in ways that truly matter, where there is more meaning, purpose, joy and wellbeing in your life. All too often what we want or think we want is very superficial, and based on satisfying external expectations or societal constructs, which never leads to sustainable positive results or deep fulfillment. For conscious life creation to be effective and yield meaningful results, what we want must be authentic, have substance and be in alignment with who we really are, not who others want or expect us to be.

The second step includes taking action to nurture those priorities. We have to understand that life doesn’t give or not give us things, rather they are created by us via the very thoughts we think, words we speak and actions we take. When we realize the power of our own mind — our thoughts and emotions, we start to seize the potential of the creative force within us. This means that if I want a great relationship or great health, I must take steps towards that goal consistently. I cannot want those things while taking no action towards maintaining them or making them happen, or worse yet, consciously or unconsciously work against them. Now, at first, this may seem like a lot of work and effort, and while more mindfulness is definitely required to do this initially, in truth we are already constantly creating our life, except that most of us are doing with complete unawareness. So all that is mainly required here is a shift from unconscious, haphazard and destructive thinking to conscious, coherent and constructive thinking.

Finally, staying focused, grounded, balanced and grateful are essential components of this process as well. As I have found, just living with daily gratitude has made all the difference to making conscious life creation successful and effective. When it comes to staying focused, this too is essential, as there is simply too much today that can distract us and lead us away from what truly matters and what many of us desire, like great health and relationships. This ties into staying grounded and balanced, as it is all too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the latest fad, hype, trend or social pressures. We live during times that provide an overload of information and opportunity, to the point that we can easily become overwhelmed. We cannot engage in successful or effective life creation from such a state of being.


One of my top priorities is the state of my health, which includes my body, mind and energy. Since I began to actively nurture optimally healthy lifestyle habits, I have enjoyed outstanding health in each of these three areas, which I attribute to the high quality whole, plant food diet I eat, high quality water I drink, excellent quality and quantity of sleep I get, regular activity levels, positive thinking and mindful living.

In my childhood, teen and early adult years, common infections, specifically ones that impacted my sinuses and throat were regular occurrences in my life. From my late teens through my mid-20s, although not frequently, I also experienced some headaches and even a couple of migraines. In my later 20s, I was also told that despite having the right weight and eating a diet that at that time I thought was “healthy”, I had elevated cholesterol levels. Since taking matters into my own hands from my late 20s, I effectively lowered my cholesterol via dietary changes alone within a few months, and optimized all areas of my health to the point that as I went through my 30s, the ailments I used to experience in the past became almost completely foreign to me. I am now going into my 40s with excellent health, weight and energy levels, where I am not afflicted by any disease or symptoms that debilitate the optimal function of my body and mind.

I also have a high degree of confidence that I am not at risk for any of the common chronic diseases prevalent in our society today because I know how to create my health consciously and also know that aside from the right lifestyle habits, the right mindset is most essential for our health, as the mind-body connection is ultimately what dictates any health imbalances or healing that we experience. As long as we don’t create self-destructive thoughts and emotions, and do process any of our stress and trauma effectively, our body functions pretty much perfectly.


Another one of my top priorities, even before my awakening has always been to cultivate a deeply loving, respectful, joyful, meaningful and unified relationship with the person who would become my life partner. As I share in my closest relationships, I have achieved this with my husband, pretty much since the moment we met, and what is now going on over a decade. Since we both highly prioritize this, we continually nurture this relationship experience and our bond.

When it comes to other relationships in my life, my priority is to have relationships based on peace, authenticity and mutual respect, that are energetically light, enriching and enlivening, not heavy, dramatic or draining. It is my intention to always give that to the other, and I greatly value when I experience it on the receiving end. I do not entertain or invest myself into relationships that do not reflect this, because I know it is neither good for me, nor the other person(s). Honoring this priority has significantly reduced the large degree of stress and tension in my life, that is commonly associated with relationships, and increased the quality of my life experience.


After our mutual awakening, my partner and I developed a deep connection with and profound love for nature, which drove one of our biggest priorities to live immersed in the natural world. From 2009 we began to take steps to make this goal a reality, and in 2010 moved out into a beautiful, largely wild and secluded natural environment. Thanks to this, we consciously created and get to experience more of our other priorities like:

  • high quality air, thanks to the concentration of trees and forests and minimal human impact around us
  • high quality water, thanks to our local wild spring and quality well water
  • high quality sleep, thanks to the darkest and quietest nights
  • high quality food, thanks to being able to grow some of our own food and local farmer’s markets
  • the ability to spend abundant time outdoors and in nature
  • the ability to live in a deeply healing, uplifting, enriching and creative environment

My greatest joys include observing Nature. I am most certain of who I am, and why I am in its presence.

Evita Ochel

Travel / Exploring the World

Since my late teens, I developed a love for travel and made this one of my top life priorities — to explore and experience the many facets of our beautiful Earth. Instead of wasting money on things that most young adults do, which do not improve the quality of one’s life, but on the contrary reduce the quality of one’s life, I took action to make annual travel a reality in my life and enrich my life experience. To date, I have visited nearly 20 countries, most of these before I was 25 years old, which include France, Spain, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Thailand, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Granada and Barbados, and many parts of Canada and the United States.

When my partner and I started co-creating consciously together, we envisioned a life where we would relocate to warm climates during our winter season. After we both left our formal jobs and began to work for ourselves, we began to spend increasing amounts of time each winter in different southern places, where our initial 4 weeks away has today turned to living abroad for 4 months at a time during the winter.

Finances and Time

None of my priorities have ever been focused on having any kind of excessive financial wealth or specific amount of money, but simply to live modestly comfortably. After leaving the workforce in 2009 and suburban life in 2010, I learned just how little it actually takes to live an amazing life. As my partner and I discovered the more we reduced our financial obligations, the more we increased the quality of our life. And as I have found, when we do what we love, live in alignment with our soul’s path, take smart action and work in some way that is of service to others, we are always supported to have what we need. In this regard, the path of my conscious life creation has been such that no matter how little or how much I had, I was never in a state of deprivation or lack, and always had enough to continue to nurture my priorities.

However, what has become a top priority is to have wealth when it comes to time. This means owning my own time and being able to craft my schedule in a way that works for me and does not impede my ability to continue to nurture the things that I talked about above. Aside from my teaching, writing, consulting and other creative work, and depending on the season, the way I structure my days is for them to regularly include some time outdoors, like gardening, interacting with my wild furry and feathery friends, wild plant or mushroom foraging, walking, hiking, biking, canoeing, swimming, or just relaxing in the stillness of nature’s serene backdrops. I also regularly dedicate some time to the physical and meditative practices of yoga, reading and watching positively uplifting content.


I have prioritized having and doing meaningful work that improves and benefits the lives of other people. After over 15 years, it has become clear to me early on that I am a teacher at heart and that this is part of my soul journey in this lifetime. Whether teaching in formal education classrooms or teaching via the world wide web, whether teaching teens or adults, teaching, in its various forms, is something I am passionate about, enjoy doing and am skilled at. Within this framework, I am most passionate about educating and empowering people to know how to think for themselves, be self-reliant in all areas of life, connect the dots between ideas to see the big picture(s) and expand their consciousness. I am not interested in imposing or forcing things onto others, proving myself or obsessive productivity. For me, seeing someone’s face light up after being offered a solution where they thought they were stuck, or spending a period of time in silence outdoors are some of the most productive things I can do.

Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Lives

I have created my life to be based on living with joy, inner peace, natural flow, freedom, wellbeing and harmony, and I am truly in love with my life. But I am not special in some way that allows me to do this and prevents others from doing it. I shared all of the above with you not to gloat about my life, but to inspire you to consciously create your life too, for the most pleasant, meaningful and enjoyable human experience. No matter what our skills or circumstances are, we can each create a beautiful life that represents us, or at the very least take conscious steps to actively improve whatever area of our life we are struggling with.

I did not grow up in a financially wealthy family, nor did I get any handouts along my life path. My parents immigrated to Canada, the country I consider my main home, as did I. I had to learn a new language from the start and how to navigate life in a different country. I come from a small family, and we did not have anyone in our new country to support us, neither financially, nor emotionally. I went to regular schools and worked to pay for my own post-secondary education, walking away without any school debts. Although my life has been free of some of the more traumatic events people go through, I experienced my share of ups and downs. And today I know that I got and have what I have because I wanted it and I worked for it, but even more importantly because I aligned with it, and I am eternally grateful for being able to experience this earthly human life in the way that I am.